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From worst to first

How one leader's focus on culture turned around the Navy's worst fighter squadron

When U.S. Navy Commander Ernie Spence took over an FA-18 training squadron , it was the worst performing squadron in the Navy. The challenges were great. The squadron was averaging 4.5 significant safety incidents per month, was 20% over maintenance budget, training requirements were over a year behind schedule, and most astonishingly, only 1 of the squadron's 117 aircraft was deemed "safe to fly". 

Almost miraculously, Commander Spence was able to turn the squadron around in less than 18 months. He was able to reduce safety incidents to less than 1 per quarter, increase flight hours flown by 44%, restore the squadron's training program, and was recognized as having the best squadron maintenance program in U.S. Naval Aviation, all while coming in 21% under budget. 

How did he achieve these incredible results in such a short period without spending more money? Simple. He recognized the flaws in the squadron's culture that were the root cause of the performance issues and he attacked them. 

Attend this webinar hosted by Chris Seifert, Partner with Wilson Perumal & Company, as he and Commander Spence (USN, Ret) explore: 
· The characteristics of organizational cultures that lead to Operational Excellence
· How to identify the cultural gaps that are impacting your organization's safety, quality, reliability, and profitability
· Actions you can take to drive cultural transformation in your organization

Most importantly, you'll have a chance to ask Commander Spence your questions about how he turned his squadron from Worst to First. 

Earlier Event: November 30
Creating a culture that leads to excellence