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Why you can't ignore culture


Have you invested in technology, process improvement, procedures, and training, but you are still having incidents and poor performance? We will explain why investing in those strategies without a deliberate attention to culture usually fails to achieve the expected results. 

The HRO way

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High-Reliability Organizations have figured out how to turn culture into a competitive advantage. We will show you how they view culture differently and use it to outperform their peers.

Your path to an HRO team


We will give you specific steps you can take within your team to transform the culture and unlock the potential of your technology, process improvement and talent.

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About the presenter

Chris is an advisor to senior executives on leadership, culture, and execution. He has led numerous Operational Excellence (OE) assessments, OE improvement programs, OEMS design projects, and OEMS implementation programs for Fortune 500 companies in the energy, manufacturing, and other industries.

Chris has served as an Operations Leader with Owens Corning, where he increased plant productivity by over 25% in just nine months. He also worked as Manager of Business Strategy and Analysis and later as a Plant Manager for Georgia Pacific (Koch Industries) where he led dramatic operational performance improvements across multiple facilities.

Chris began his professional career in the US Navy's Nuclear Program. He served as the Supply Officer on a nuclear-powered attack submarine, where he was ranked #1 of 9 junior officers, and later was named Instructor of the Year at Navy Supply Corp School.